Bunscoil Rinn an Chabhlaigh

Rushbrooke, Cobh, Co. Cork

After School Clubs

  • Musical Theatre Club 🎼🎭🎤🎹🎶 - This term in Bunscoil Rinn an Chabhlaigh, 15 third class children participated in a very magical after-school club called the "Musical Theatre Club 2019". The boys and girls enjoyed their experience, developed their performing confidence and displayed superb musical theatrical skills! Over a five-week period, the children learned various singing techniques and engaged with a… Continue Reading
  • Afer-school art club- take 2! - Here are some pictures from the second after-school art club that ran in the month of May. The children were busy making masks, headbands, puppets, clay muffins and also experimented with salt painting. We hope you like their works of art! Continue Reading
  • Badminton Blitz - Members of Bunscoil Rinn an Chabhlaigh’s Badminton Club had the opportunity to participate in a Badminton Blitz in Neptune Stadium on Thursday 16th of May. It was a fantastic day out for all team members. We all learned a lot of new skills and techniques. We also had a great deal of fun!! Ms. Cunningham… Continue Reading
  • After-school art club- making headbands! - The children in the after-school art club were busy making headbands out of different textiles and then painting their creations. Unicorn headbands seemed a popular choice! Continue Reading
  • Be Active ASAP! After School PE Initiative -     Every Wednesday for 6 weeks, children in 2nd class partook in an after-school active club were they practiced fundamental movement skills in a fun environment, that had both teachers and parents involved. They practiced their running, skipping, throwing and catching etc., in different games. The children were divided into groups and after five… Continue Reading
  • After-school art club- puppet making! - The art club were busy making puppets before the Easter holidays. They used all sorts of materials as well as paint to create their puppet creatures. We hope you enjoy the pictures! Continue Reading
  • After-school club- Happy Easter! - The after-school art club were busy making Easter eggs for the school. They painted one batch of Styrofoam Easter eggs with bright colours and patterns. The next batch they decorated with sprinkles- they looked delicious. Thanks to Pat who kindly offered to hang our upside down Easter tree on the ceiling! Continue Reading
  • After-school art club- cupcakes! - The children in the after-school art club were busy making cupcakes out of clay, painting them and then decorating them with beads for the sprinkles. They look delicious! Continue Reading
  • After-school art club! - The children from second class who are part of the after-school art club have been very busy the past few weeks creating lovely pieces. In the first lesson they made birds out of card and decorated them with pastels. We hope you enjoy their work! Continue Reading
  • Italian Language Club! - The fifth class children in the after-school Italian language club learned how to say many things (greetings, sports, likes/dislikes, colours, numbers etc. but perhaps most importantly, they learned how to order and make a pizza in Italian! On the last day of the club, they enjoyed an Italian sweet party where they ate Pan di… Continue Reading