Bunscoil Rinn an Chabhlaigh

Rushbrooke, Cobh, Co. Cork


  • Afer-school art club- take 2! - Here are some pictures from the second after-school art club that ran in the month of May. The children were busy making masks, headbands, puppets, clay muffins and also experimented with salt painting. We hope you like their works of art! Continue Reading
  • 4th Class Predator and Prey Board Games - In Ms. Healy and Ms. Kelleher’s 4th Class we made Predator and Prey board games! We really enjoyed making these board games! We were working in groups of one to five and all of our board games were different. Some were printed, some were hand-written. Take a look at a few of our board games!… Continue Reading
  • Artist of the Month - Well done to our Artists of the Month for April! Continue Reading
  • After-school art club- making headbands! - The children in the after-school art club were busy making headbands out of different textiles and then painting their creations. Unicorn headbands seemed a popular choice! Continue Reading
  • 6th Class-Connecting the dots (well… circles!) STEAM - Our latest STEAM exploration was  inspired by 'Squares with Concentric Circles' by Wassily Kandinsky. Science helped us to explore our environment for concentric circles. Technology was used  to design our own circle with mathematical equipment. We also photographed concentric circles around the school and presented these to the class. Engineering skills were used to construct… Continue Reading
  • Leonardo de Vinci’s ‘Vetruvian Man’ - Fourth class in Maths Blast were busy taking their height and arm span measurements and then calculating their findings to see if they matched Leonardo de Vinci's Vetruvian Man! Below are some photos of their experiment! Continue Reading
  • After-school art club- puppet making! - The art club were busy making puppets before the Easter holidays. They used all sorts of materials as well as paint to create their puppet creatures. We hope you enjoy the pictures! Continue Reading
  • After-school club- Happy Easter! - The after-school art club were busy making Easter eggs for the school. They painted one batch of Styrofoam Easter eggs with bright colours and patterns. The next batch they decorated with sprinkles- they looked delicious. Thanks to Pat who kindly offered to hang our upside down Easter tree on the ceiling! Continue Reading
  • Artwork throughout the School - Continue Reading
  • After-school art club- cupcakes! - The children in the after-school art club were busy making cupcakes out of clay, painting them and then decorating them with beads for the sprinkles. They look delicious! Continue Reading