Bunscoil Rinn an Chabhlaigh

Rushbrooke, Cobh, Co. Cork


  • Science Experiment:The Fire Triangle. - Mrs. Scannell's 6th class explored  The Fire Triangle during Science https://youtu.be/ZhmzZZp-cfc         Continue Reading
  • Ms. Thompson’s amateur poets. - Writing poems in Ms. Thompson’s 5th class! Continue Reading
  • Investigating Static Electricity – Mrs O’Sullivan Coisceim - Mrs. O’ Sullivan’s class in Coiscéim investigated how static electricity happens when an electric charge builds up on an item. We learned about the structure of an atom and how it has positive and negative charges. We rubbed a balloon with different materials, cotton, nylon and wool to investigate which material produced the best ‘Static’.… Continue Reading
  • Mrs. Scannell’s 6th class -  Mrs. Scanell’s 6th class had a bit of fun while learning about the Solar System, Day and Night, the Seasons and some constellations. Watch these aliens as they report back to their home galaxy. https://youtu.be/YkVMQgL_VLI Continue Reading
  • Magic Milk Experiment – Ms. Moylan’s class - Our class loved Science Week! Any type of chemical reaction is fun to watch and makes for great hands-on learning!  This magic milk science experiment is the perfect experiment as you already have all the items for it in your kitchen! We used milk, food colouring and washing up liquid. We covered the bottom of… Continue Reading
  • Science in Ms. Thompson’s class! - A lot of predicting, measuring, recording and analysing took place during our science experiment today! Our aim was to test which material was the best insulator! We had some interesting findings! Continue Reading
  • Signs all around us. - As part of their geography studies Rang a Dó went looking for signs in the local community. With recent road closures and local building works, there were lots of signs to find. Pupils made good use of the school ipads as they took photos of the signs. They were able to look at these on… Continue Reading
  • Fake Blood!! - Today in Rang IV we made fake blood and it tasted good, follow our instructions below! Experiment : Fake Blood! Ingredients:                                             Utensils: Water                       … Continue Reading
  • Science Experiment in Coiscéim – Moon Craters - We all loved this experiment today! We talked about the moon craters and how they are formed. We looked at different pictures of the moon and then we recreated how craters are formed. They predicted and tested the effect of using bigger/heavier and smaller stones as asteroids. We put a layer of flour on a… Continue Reading
  • Jim Wilson visits Rang a dó. - Jim Wilson, renowned local ornithologist, treated pupils from Rang a dó to a wonderful talk on migration and barn swallows. Pupils were spellbound by his passion and enthusiasm as he shared stories and pictures with them. They were able to ask questions and their classroom learning was greatly enhanced by his visit. Isabelle and Abigail… Continue Reading